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Creativity and engineering expertise put at the service of projecting client-oriented solutions.

Mold construction

Highly skilled workforce and innovative technology implemented for both progressive and plastic injection molding


Research and study of processes, technologies and materials to implement from prototype building to the production stage

Mass production

Optimized production lines for small and large batch manufacturing needs

U.S.A. Umbria Stampi Attrezzature saw the light in 1975 with the aim to provide a complete support to its clients throughout the journey of developing their products.
An ambition made a reality thanks to a specialized team guided by creativity and more than 40 years of experience in different areas.
Starting from design to mold manufacturing and going all the way to the manufacturing of finished products, USA excels at putting its many cutting-edge available technologies to the use of its client’s vision.

At USA, ideas are shaped.

Some areas of expertise

Automotive and Transportation

Special components, accessories and equipment for automotive and railway industries

Office furnishing

Office systems, desks, cabinets, various accessories and other finished steel products.

Renewable energies

Steel structures, components and accessories related to the production of alternative energy sources.

Biomedical and refrigeration industry

Steel structures, accessories and light carpentry components for refrigeration equipment and biological waste treatment.

Our company

What we operate

Mold construction for both metal and plastic materials.

Metal and plastic stamping and drawing by pressing techniques.

Building of automatic special machines for mass production components.

Precise sheet metal processing using the most advanced technologies.

Processing, bending and curving of tubes and tubular profiles.

MIG and TIG Robotic Welding tools enabled to weld aluminum and Inox steel of small thickness (1 mm).

Finish treatment: Metal sheet and Tubes burnishing and shot peening.

Our company holdings

U.S.A. ltd is an active business partner in the design and development of technologies on different markets.


Medical devices

Exclusive, patented and certified Medical devices and disinfectant solutions to prevent chemical and biological risks, effective on virus (included Sars-Cov-2) and bacteria.

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Batching plants field

Design, produce and instal turnkey fixed concrete mixing plants for prefabrication, mobile units on wheels for Concrete mixer loading and sale of pre-packaged concrete and scraping arms.

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Trash compactor

Domestic and commercial trash compactor To foster recycling and reduce the volume of glass, plastic or aluminium waste up to 80% in volume.

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