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U.S.A. srl (Umbria Stampi Attrezzature srl) derived in 1975 from the collaboration of two young men from Marsciano, Italy.
It is the fruit of the strong flair for opportunity and the great desire to emerge of Franco Baccaille (head of the Tooling department of a notable local metal-engineering company) and Bruno Mirabasso (Technical Engineering teacher at the Professional Institute).



A two-way approach in collaborating with the client for excellent results.

Technological innovation

Continuous investments for an always growing improvement of innovation and production techniques.

Product industrialization

Expertise in identifying the best solutions for product implementation.

An innovative machine park to experiment together with the client.

A company of about 7000 covered square meters and 37 employees which, over the years, has been and still is the partner of successful companies and has a demonstrated track of contribution in creating innovative, high quality and cutting-edge products.
Today, U.S.A. is a force to be reckoned with in.
Increasingly acquiring recognition on a global level and having an enviable experience on many fields, it is the right choice for those looking for flexibility, skills, resourcefulness and reliability!



USA firmly believes in the importance of investing in R&D technologies and projects to constantly increase its know-how, renew itself and be competitive in the market.
Thus, every year, USA invests at least 10% of its revenue in the purchase of new and advanced technologies and internal R&D projects to properly claim the reality of being an ideal partner for all current and future clients.

Investments are not limited to machinery; they are also addressed directly to the workforce, in this case, a team of 37 highly qualified employees who made it possible for the company to be flexible and innovative through committing to continuous annual trainings.
That has led to the accomplishment of 7000 projects related to various areas, all the while acquiring vast skills in almost every field.
It is precisely the reason why a client who seeks U.S.A., will certainly be given the opportunity to breathe life into his ideas.

Investments in Innovations and R & D



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U.S.A. S.r.l. Umbria Stampi Attrezzature
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