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U.S.A. srl has been introducing itself to the market as an ideal partner for years. In order to always maintain higher standards, a quality system in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 regulations has been implemented internally, achieving a clear improvement of the productive cycle and working conditions which reflect positively on the quality of the final product and the safety standards of both the workers and the workplace.

Certificate of quality 1

Certificate of quality 2

Furthermore, U.S.A. has been certified as CRIBIS prime company

The CRIBIS prime companies, or better, the companies to which CRIBIS acknowledges the maximum level of reliability in terms of commercial relations, represent only 7.6% of the total number of Italian companies (source: and receiving a certificate of such importance, certainly serves as a pride for the company itself and an insurance for its suppliers and clients.

Cribis Prime Company certificate



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